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2017-2018 District Award Application.docx13 KB03/04/18 at 01:49 PM
2017-18 Vocational Service Award Application-Rev01.docx15 KB11/29/17 at 08:28 AM
Tom Milford Award Application 2016-17.docx13 KB03/05/17 at 01:32 PM
2016-17 Standard Award Application.docx13 KB02/27/17 at 09:36 AM
2016-17 Standard Award Application.docx.docx13 KB02/27/17 at 09:36 AM
Save the Date.jpg251 KB01/31/17 at 01:51 PM
Vocational Service Awards Procedure-rotated.pdf172 KB12/30/16 at 08:46 AM
2016-17 Vocational Service Award Application.docx17 KB12/15/16 at 09:11 AM
rotary vocation.doc28 KB02/18/16 at 03:03 PM
2015-16 Vocational Service Award Application.doc28 KB02/04/16 at 08:23 AM
2016 COL Proposed Legislation.pdf3 MB10/17/15 at 07:09 AM
2015-16 Award Application.docx13 KB07/04/15 at 11:04 AM
2015-16 Vocational Service Award.doc29 KB07/04/15 at 07:26 AM
Final Final PETS.pdf1 MB03/08/15 at 06:56 PM
2014-15 Vocational Service Award.doc28 KB01/27/15 at 09:22 AM
2014-15 Presidential Citation Brochure.pdf413 KB11/02/14 at 06:43 AM
Vocational Service Award 2014-2015.doc32 KB09/03/14 at 02:53 PM
How to Propose Legislation 2016 COL.pdf35 KB09/01/14 at 08:25 AM
2014 Attendees for RI Visit41 KB08/19/14 at 11:27 AM
RI Policies.doc42 KB07/28/14 at 02:30 PM
2014 Evanston Reservation Form.doc84 KB07/15/14 at 03:25 PM
District 6860 Policy Manual.doc87 KB04/14/14 at 01:53 PM
Vocational Service Award 2013-2014.doc28 KB10/16/13 at 06:59 PM
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