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PETS Training-DACdb 201.pdf69 KB04/24/20 at 09:57 AM
PETS Training-DACdb 101.pdf90 KB04/24/20 at 09:18 AM
PETS Training-Public Image and Rotary Brand-Lee.docx29 KB04/19/20 at 04:56 PM
DACdb_QuickStart_New_UI.pdf8 MB04/10/20 at 10:04 AM
Why Rotary-20 Benefits of Membership.pdf94 KB04/02/20 at 01:26 PM
PETS Training-Is Your Club Healthy-Lee.docx26 KB04/02/20 at 01:23 PM
PETS Training-Rotary Club Health Check.pdf173 KB04/02/20 at 01:22 PM
PETS Training-Governors Official Visit-Lee.docx30 KB04/02/20 at 12:20 PM
PETS Training-The Rotary Foundation-Wade Drinkard.pptm1 MB04/02/20 at 11:50 AM
PETS Training-Planning Your Year-Lee.docx28 KB04/02/20 at 11:07 AM
Standard Club Constitution.pdf311 KB04/02/20 at 08:49 AM
District Leadership Chart as of 4-2-2020.xlsx24 KB04/02/20 at 08:43 AM
2020-21 Theme Logo.png18 KB04/02/20 at 08:42 AM
PETS Training-RI Presidents Key Points and Theme.docx33 KB04/02/20 at 08:41 AM
PETS Training-Planning Your Year-Pat Cross.docx22 KB04/02/20 at 08:40 AM
PETS Training-DGE Goals and Expectations.docx27 KB04/02/20 at 08:40 AM
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